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Inspiring Country & Western

I keep finding myself led to these Country & Western songs that are, well, kinda inspiring

Don’t get me wrong, I still love a good ‘my dog left me and the wife got shot’  C & W tune, but I’m totally all over this new kinda combo…

so here’s a couple for right now….

*WARNING: cheese alert* (totally good cheese though)


Madly in Love

February 13th is international Self-Love day
Find out more here:

Many years ago I began my journey of self-love, at that time, I wrote this in my journal:

On Self-Love
(from Who am I? Part 2)

Okay, you love yourself? What does this mean? To me, this never really felt true til I started to treat myself as a lover, a partner, a friend, a true-love, a soul-mate. A commitment to being the person you would WANT to spend the rest of life with…cos let’s face it…you really do have to. Someone who you would be happy to wake up to each morning for the rest of your mornings.

For me this means…

Holding her hand when she’s scared

Saying only kind things to and about her

Looking at her with loving eyes

Accepting her just the way she is and encouraging her to grow, to be all she can be.

Loving things about her that she doesn’t love

Protecting her, not allowing others to harm her or put her down.

Forgiving her for her stumblings

Telling her I love her

Telling her she is beautiful and making sure she believes it.

Giving her gifts

Comforting her when she needs it

Holding her tight at night

Showing her that she deserves the very best

Being loyal to her, choosing her over all others

Allowing her room to move

Providing for her, sharing all I have with her

Making her feel safe, secure and wanted

Appreciating and recognising all she does

Working thru the hard stuff with her

Trusting her judgement

Making a committment to love her forever

Sometimes I forget
I forget what it means to love me
I somehow confuse love with judgment
Or pay more attentioin to someone else’s idea of worthiness
Than I do to my own deep-hearted voice
The one telling me to be gentle with me
To forgive, to comfort, to support
My own beautiful soul
and then, as if from no-where
But always really from somewhere special
Comes a timely reminder
And it becomes easier each time
To simply slip back into my own love-affair
Into that familiar oneness with myself
And I am so very grateful

So, on February 13th 2011,

and on every other day of every other year

Remind yourself,

fall in love again

With you


39 Ways to have a crap day

1. Get out of bed on the wrong side

2. Lose something

3. Frown….lots

4. Be mean to someone

5. Don’t follow your intuition

6. Rush everywhere

7. Wear uncomfortable shoes

8. Skip breakfast

9. Read the newspaper, listen to the news every hour on the radio, sit down and watch the evening news…don’t miss a thing

10. Scowl at your cat

11. Eat only food that you don’t really like

12. Get road-rage

13. Talk over top of someone

14. Break a promise

15. Drive too fast

16. Ignore someone

17. Be rude

18. Give up on your dreams

19. Moan about the state of the world

20. Forget to say thank you

21. Do exactly what you think you should do, no more, no less

22. Hate on your body

23. Listen to music that sucks

24. Deprive yourself

25. Complain that you never have any money

26. Hang around with dick-heads

27. Neglect your passion

28. Be negative

29. Don’t listen

30. Breathe shallow

31. Be perfect

32. Tell everyone you are fine when you’re not

33.  Say yes when you mean no

34. Say no when you mean yes

35. Lie….a lot

36. Beat yourself up

37. Compare yourself to someone else

38. Worry

39. Keep doing the same thing, and expect different results