Why Barefoot?

I love to go barefoot
And as if that were not reason enough, here are more:

10 Reasons to go Barefoot

1. I feel connected to Mother Earth

2. I love to feel the sand, the grass, the mud, the pavement, the ground, the floor, the forest beneath my feet, it makes me feel alive.

3. It helps me remain grounded and present

4. It saves me money, I buy less shoes…and the shoes I buy last longer

5. It reminds me of simplicity, of not needing to uneccessarily complicate my life.

6. I will never be that old lady who lies on her death bed and wishes she had spent more time barefoot.

7. I get to connect with other barefoot people, like hippies and homeless people; they are interesting.

8. I have healthy feet, there is some research by some people that says going barefoot is good for your feet; I’m not sure about the validity of such stuff, but I do know that I have healthy feet.

9. People sometimes look at my feet and seem to find them fascinating, not only am I adding to people’s sense of wonder and amazement but it stops them from noticing my bed-hair and lame sense of style.

10. My feet are tough, so if I’m ever caught without shoes, having to run on sharp tacks or what-not (this does happen you know) I can so handle it…tough I tell you.


4 responses to “About

  1. love this!!! thank you for sharing xoxxo beany

  2. walking barefoot is the best!!! i wish it was more widely accepted.
    you rock

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