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39 Ways to have a crap day

1. Get out of bed on the wrong side

2. Lose something

3. Frown….lots

4. Be mean to someone

5. Don’t follow your intuition

6. Rush everywhere

7. Wear uncomfortable shoes

8. Skip breakfast

9. Read the newspaper, listen to the news every hour on the radio, sit down and watch the evening news…don’t miss a thing

10. Scowl at your cat

11. Eat only food that you don’t really like

12. Get road-rage

13. Talk over top of someone

14. Break a promise

15. Drive too fast

16. Ignore someone

17. Be rude

18. Give up on your dreams

19. Moan about the state of the world

20. Forget to say thank you

21. Do exactly what you think you should do, no more, no less

22. Hate on your body

23. Listen to music that sucks

24. Deprive yourself

25. Complain that you never have any money

26. Hang around with dick-heads

27. Neglect your passion

28. Be negative

29. Don’t listen

30. Breathe shallow

31. Be perfect

32. Tell everyone you are fine when you’re not

33.  Say yes when you mean no

34. Say no when you mean yes

35. Lie….a lot

36. Beat yourself up

37. Compare yourself to someone else

38. Worry

39. Keep doing the same thing, and expect different results